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Welcome to the America's Army Game Manual

This online game manual is a living document for America’s Army: Special Forces, which will be constantly maintained and updated.

Within these pages you'll find extensive information to help you create an account, advance through training, understand the America's Army underlying game and mission structure and finally obtain detailed gameplay instructions.

America's Army is a cutting edge 3D online gaming adventure featuring realistic action you can play in both single and multiplayer settings. Team up with your friends and take on the enemy in this reality-based Army combat game.

In the game, you will begin with Basic Combat Training (BCT), where you will learn the core Soldiering Skills: Move, Shoot and Communicate through specific challenges modeled after actual Army Training. From there you will be ready to play online against other players in Objective-based combat missions. You may also choose to continue with more advanced training, such as Field First Aid, Airborne, Special Forces and more - the completion of each advanced training series will unlock additional missions, weapons and challenges including Cooperative play vs. AI and learning to operate the Up-Armored "CROWS" HMMWV.

Installation and Setup

Playing the Game

Tactical Engagements

Special Forces Information

Linux Version

Advanced Training

Missions and Equipment


America's Army Mission Editor


Offline Commands



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