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Basic Combat Training (BCT)

In the U.S. Army, Basic Combat Training (BCT) is a nine-week training course where recruits go through the process of becoming full-fledged Soldiers. Throughout the process, they learn new rules, learn to trust themselves and understand what it means to be a Soldier in the U.S. Army. In America's Army 3, Basic Combat Training (BCT) is the formal introduction to not only U.S. Army Soldiering, but also to the core game mechanics used when playing the game. The training events throughout BCT strive to give the authentic feel of real Army training, while also providing the player with valuable tutorials on the basics of playing America's Army 3.

Successful completion of BCT allows access to Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) Training, which allows the player to specialize in one of the class roles of America's Army 3.


The Army makes sure every recruit is physically and mentally prepared to start Basic Training. Upon arriving at BCT, recruits are given a haircut, issued Army uniforms and are ready to start training. AA3 players must complete the Obstacle Course to move into White Phase. Successfully completing the Obstacle Course will unlock Basic Rifle Marksmanship.

Fit To Win Obstacle Course

Obstacle courses are used for physical fitness training to teach physical skills, improve conditioning, and instill confidence. The challenges the obstacles offer help develop and test basic skills. Success in combat may depend on a Soldier's ability to perform these skills. The Fit to Win Obstacle course features a variety of obstacles and is run against time. In this training course you will learn the obstacles and how to overcome them rapidly.

Achieve a GO by completing the Fit to Win course in the time allotted while observing the safety guidelines and following cadre instructions.


Recruits go through Marksmanship and Combat Training and learn to rappel at the Warrior Tower. This training teaches vital Soldier skills and instills them with more confidence.

Complete Basic Rifle Marksmanship and U.S. Weapons Familiarization to move into Blue Phase. Completing White Phase will unlock Combat Lifesaving and MOUT.

Basic Rifle Marksmanship

Congratulations Soldier! You have made it through the first five weeks of basic training, and have entered White Phase. You spent the last two weeks in Basic Rifle Marksmanship training, mastering the use of the M16 rifle in both simulated and live fire exercises. You've zeroed and certified your weapon, and now it's time to prove your skills on the firing range and earn your rifle qualification.

In a simulated combat condition, while being presented with 40 targets, engage and hit 23 targets to qualify as a Marksman, 30 for Sharpshooter, or 36 out of 40 to qualify as an Expert that allows you to move on to training as a Squad Designated Marksman.

Weapons Familiarization

Training Overview
During this training you will learn how to properly employ the M249 SAW, M67 Frag Grenade and the M320 40mm grenade launcher in AA3.

Visit each station and complete the challenges for each weapons system, while adhering to the stated safety guideline and following the instructions of the cadre.


  • M67 Frag Grenade
  • M249 Squad Automatic Weapon
  • M320 40mm Grenade Launcher


After becoming familiar with the use of automatic weapons and hand grenades in U.S. weapons training, recruits put their training to the test as they negotiate the Night Infiltration Course. After passing all their tests and challenges, they congregate for Rites of Passage. Blue Phase culminates in an inspirational graduation ceremony. After completing Basic Combat Training, you may select an MOS.

Basic Combat Lifesaver

When a fellow Soldier is wounded, you may be all that lies between their death and a healthy recovery. It is your duty to render aid to fellow Soldiers and civilians who have suffered life threatening injuries. Combat Life Saving (CLS) training will provide you with the skills necessary to make that difference.

Listen to the instructor and complete the challenge presented. Master the skills of Combat Life Saving.


  • Improved First Aid Kit (IFAK)

Military Operations MOUT

Basic Combat Training prepares Soldiers to face a variety of unpredictable battlefield situations. Soldiers must be prepared to make split-second friend or foe decisions, particularly in urban settings where enemies can hide amongst the civilian population and other non-combatants. The MOUT course has been developed to help you master these skills.

Use the skills you have learned in Basic Combat Training to successfully complete the MOUT training course.


  • M68 Aimpoint


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