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There are two ways to download and install America's Army 3: through Valve Corporation's Steam or from the America's Army Deploy Client. To select your download method:

1) Go to http://www.americasarmy.com/downloads/

2) Choose either to download America's Army 3 through Steam or from the America's Army Deploy Client. From this point please read either the section "Installing Steam" or "Installing America's Army Deploy Client", depending on the download method chosen.

Installing Steam

NOTE: If you already have Steam installed on your computer, and already have a Steam account, please skip to section "Downloading America's Army 3 from Steam".

1) To download America's Army 3 from Steam, first you must install the Steam client.

(This step needs to be updated!)

2) Launch the Steam client

3) When the login window appears (as shown below), click "Create a new account."


4) Read the next screen, "Important information about Steam accounts" and click "Next".

5) Read the Steam Subscriber Agreement and click "I Agree" if you agree to its terms.

6) Enter a new account name (as shown below) and enter your password twice. Click "Next".


7) If your desired account name is unavailable, select one of the suggested account names or click "Back" to enter a different account name.

8) Once your account name has been accepted, enter the email address that you wish to associate with your Steam account (as shown below). Your login information will be mailed to this address. Click "Next".


9) Select your secret question (required if you need to retrieve your account information later) and provide an answer (as shown below). Click "Next".


10) Review your account information and click "Next".

11) Click "Finish" and continue to section "Downloading America's Army 3 from Steam" below.

Downloading America's Army 3 from Steam

1) Locate America's Army 3 in the 'Not Installed' area of the Steam 'My Games' list. Select America's Army 3 and either double click it or click on 'Install'.


2) The first installation window will show you how much disc space is required for the installation, how much disc space is available, and the estimated download time. Click 'Next' to proceed with the installation or 'Cancel' to cancel the installation.


3) This second window gives you the option to create a start menu shortcut and to create a desktop shortcut - select the appropriate options at your discretion. Click 'Next' if you wish to continue with the installation, click 'Back' to return to the previous window, or click 'Cancel' to cancel the installation.


4) The next window should appear briefly as Steam creates local game cache files. You have the option to click 'Cancel' to cancel the installation.


5) The fourth installation window should let you know that Steam has begun downloading America's Army 3. Clicking 'Finish' will finish the installation setup. If you wish the Steam 'My Games' list to open upon clicking 'Finish' then select that option in this window.


6) The 'My Games' list should now show the progress of your download. When the download is complete, America's Army 3 should be properly installed. To launch the game you can either double click on America's Army 3 or simply select America's Army 3 and click the 'Launch' button.


Installing America's Army Deploy Client

1) Select a download partner from the list provided and click the link given after "Version Available".

2) Download the America's Army Deploy Client installer.

2) Run the installer. (You may have to wait briefly for the installer to scan your system for necessary components.)

Downloading America's Army via the Deploy Client

1) When the installer has launched, click 'Download'.


2) You will receive a windowed prompt - "Are you sure you want to download America's Army 3?". Click 'Yes' to begin installation or click 'No' to cancel the operation.


3) Read the 'End User License Agreement' or EULA.

4) If you agree with the terms of the EULA, select the option "I have read and agree with the terms listed above" and then click 'Continue'. Clicking 'Cancel' will cancel the installation process.


5) Choose the install location. Click 'Browse' to select the location on your computer where you want to install America's Army 3. Click 'OK' once you have selected your desired installation location to continue with the installation process. If you wish to cancel the installation, click 'Cancel'.


6) A progress bar will display your current download status for America's Army 3. At anytime you may click 'Close' to cancel the download.


Installing America's Army via the Deploy Client

1) Once the download of America's Army is complete the "Download" button will change to an "Install" button. Click the "Install" button and answer yes/no to the install confirmation.


2) Select "Yes" and either accept the default install location or browse to a different folder.


3) At this point you will be asked to accept or decline the America's Army End User Licence Agreement. If you decline the install process will terminate.


4) After you have accepted the EULA the installation process will begin.


5) After the installation process is complete, the "Install" Button will change to a "Launch Game" button which, when selected, will allow you to begin your America's Army 3 experience.



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