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Instant Action Player
Instant Action Player

Instant Action will allow players to experience the core America's Army 3 game play before completing Basic Combat Training (BCT). Players may participate in live fire matches, but are restricted to specific roles and equipment. Players can elect to play Instant Action at any time from the initial install/launch of the game until they are BCT qualified. Players are considered Instant Action players if:

  • The current Solider has not enlisted.
  • The current Soldier has enlisted, but they have not started Basic Combat Training.
  • The current Soldier has not completed Basic Combat Training.
  • The current Soldier has not completed an MOS training event.

Class Role Selection Restrictions

Players will be restricted to specific roles and weapons until they have completed BCT. The following rules apply to Instant Action Soldiers:

  • Instant Action players always pick last during role selection.
  • A player who is not enlisted will be restricted to an M16A4 with the A3 Iron Sight attachments. The player receives no grenades.
  • If the player has completed Weapons Familiarization, they will have access to the M249, M320, and various grenade types.
  • If the player has completed Combat Life Saving (CLS) Training, they will be able to perform CLS treatments.
  • If the player has not completed qualification for the weapon systems, when a class role for which they are not qualified is selected, the slot will immediately be changed to a Rifleman.
  • Once the player has completed BCT, they are no longer considered Instant Action players.

Note: Instant Action players can be identified by their distinctive glasses which are assigned to them while they are still in Basic Combat Training.


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