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Sometimes enabling multiplayer cheats can be an aid to practicing individually or as a team. To setup an unofficial multiplayer game with cheats to work you must go to your AA3Game Config folder and find the file AA3Game.ini and open in wordpad.

Then do a search for bMPCheatsEnabled and set this value to true.

Followed by a search for [Engine.AccessControl]
From there start a new line and enter AdminPassword=X (where X is whatever you want)

Should look like this


You will want to create a server by going to your binaries folder and running myrunserver.bat, select the map then the mission type.

Then to connect to said game and have the cheats work start the game then from account login and on open up the console (~) and type
open (IP address)?name=(whatever name you want)?adminpw=(enter Admin password you put into the ini file, is case sensitive)

Should look like this


Then to type in the following commands:

  • Open up the console by pressing the tilde key (~)
  • type in the command at the prompt and hit enter when finished

Console Commands (Multiplayer)

enableallcheats - must enter first to get the cheats to work

Cheat Command Options Description
Camera <option>
  • default
  • firstperson
  • thirdperson
  • fixed
  • fixedtracking
  • freecam
Changes the current camera type to the option specified
giveweapon <option>
  • m4a1
  • m16a4
  • m249
  • m16drm
  • obrannp
  • obranknp
  • obranlmk
  • obranmsp
  • m67 (frag)
  • m84 (stun)
  • m83 (smoke)
  • m18 (tactical smoke)
  • m14 (incendiary)
Gives the player the weapon specified.
giveweaponmod <option><rail>
  • Options
    • ironsights
    • surefire
    • acog
    • aimpoint
    • xm320
  • Rail
    • main
    • top
    • bottom
    • left
    • right
Attaches the specified weapon mod to the specified rail on the player's current weapon.
god N/A (toggle) Disables damage on the player who used it (damage-related effects remain).Based on the player's current state, this command will also automatically perform the following:
  • Recapacitate player - if incapacitated
  • Treat all injuries, stop bleeding - if injured/bleeding
infiniteammo N/A(toggle) Give the player infinite ammo on all weapons & items (grenades, medpacks, etc.).
infinitestamina N/A (toggle) Disables the stamina &encumbrance system for the player.
fov <option>
  • manual entry
  • 90(default)
  • 60
  • 40
  • 30
  • 20
  • 10
Changes the field of view based on the value specified. FOV defaults to 90, other recommended values are 30 or 40 for closer views.
slomo <option>
  • manual entry
  • 5
  • 2
  • 1
  • .75
  • .50
  • .25
  • .10
  • .05
  • .01
Slows the game down by the specified percentage, 1 being normal game speed. Example: "slomo .5" = 50% of normal game speed
shot N/A This will take a screenshot, as the current screen looks to the player(HUD, Console, ect. shown in shot).
ghost N/A (toggle) A 'NoClip' mode allowing the player to move in any direction (fly) without colliding with other objects, allowing it to go through such things as walls, props, and other players.
NOTE: This is now a toggle, using the command a second time (when already ghosting) will reapply gravity and put the player back into 'walk' mode (with the player taking fall damage)
weaponmodloadammo <option>
  • m715
  • m433
  • Give m320 smoke round
  • Give m320 grenade round

Another option to access these and other various cheats is to hold down backspace and it will bring up a radial menu. America's Army 3 provides this information for training and/or non-competitive purposes only, and in no way offers this information as an endorsement for cheating.


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