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Registering your America's Army 3 Server will enable it to connect to our authentication servers and provide scoring data for your players accounts.

Additionally it will enable your server to be displayed in all of the available server browsers both in the Steam Client as well as the in-game browser.

Please follow the steps below to register your server.

1. Browse using any web browser to http://www.americasarmy.com/registerserver.php

2. You will be presented with the Server Registration form, please make sure to fill in all the details accurately or it is possible that your registration will fail.

Please pay particular attention to the Server Name field as rude, offensive or otherwise unacceptable server names will result in your registration being rejected.

Keep in mind that a Server IP can only be registered once. If you try to register an IP that has already been registered you will see the following page.

If this happens and you believe this has been in error please contact our Server Support team on the forums for further information.

3. At this stage an email will be sent to the email address you provided in the registration form to confirm the request. This email will require you to follow a link to confirm the request, if you do not recieve this email please ensure to check your junk mail. Once you follow the confirmation link you will arrive at the following page.

4. Your server request will now be sent for review by the Server Registration team. This process will generally take no more then a few hours but while you wait you can get your server set up and when the registration is approved it will automatically connect.


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