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Here's a list of some useful commands. These commands must be entered in the game console. The console can be accessed either by hitting ~ or by hitting tab. After typing in a command, please press ENTER.

Console Command Function
setres XXXXxXXXX Sets the screen resolution to the desired screen resolution. You can change it to whatever you wish. Common screen resolutions are 800x600, 1024x768, 1610x1050.
Behindview 0 1st person camera
camera 1st First-person view camera
camera 3rd Third person camera positioned behind the player
camera freecam Third person free camera. It allows you to rotate the camera around the player and move rather than being locked behind the player
fov <value> Changes the field of view based on the value given. FOV defaults to 90, other recommended values are 30 or 40 for closer views.
givem4a1 Gives the player the M4A1.  Click the mouse to shoot
givem67 Gives the player the M67 frag grenade.  Click the mouse to shoot
giveobranknp Gives the player the ObranKNP.  Click the mouse to shoot
give weaponmod <modname> <modlocation> Places the specified weapon mod in the specified location. Valid weapon mods are aimpoint, ironsights, and acog. The valid attach points are main, right, left, top and bottom
tastetherainbow Toggles on / off the rainbow lines that trace the shots fired from the m4a1
toggleaimhelper Toggles on / off the on-screen aim helper
quit Quits the game
reconnect Reload the current level / reconnect to the server
open <mapname> Opens a map.
Options: Medic and CLS  - Tells server to grant the player with Medic or CLS Qualification.
Slings the player's currently held weapon.
Toggles the BFT on/off
ResetSoundState Sets all sound systems to normal defaults (no effects)
IsolateDryAudio Turns off all special effects.
DisableLowpassFilter Turns off lowpass (occlusion) filtering
IsolateReverb Plays only the reverb channel
SetAirAbsorbtion 1.0
Sets the air absorbtion factor (distance HF filtering).  0.0 is none, 1.0 is real-world, anything else is your imagination.
ToggleReverbEditor Brings up the reverb effect editor.  Note that your reverb effects will be locked to the editor's settings until you call SetReverbLock false
SetReverbLock true/false
Locks the reverb effects from being set by the engine based on player position.  Bringing up the reverb editor automatically sets this to true.  After you are done editing, be sure to call SetReverbLock false
ToggleReverbVolumes Turns on / off reverb volume wireframes in-game
Infiniteammo Gives player infinite ammunition
Makepawn Creates an NPC pawn.
SloMo <value> Slows the game down by a percentage, 1 being normal game speed. Example: "SloMo .5" = %50 of normal game speed


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