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The Blue Force Tracker (BFT) is a computer/GPS based system that provides individual Soldiers and commanders with location information of friendly military forces.

The Soldier based system continually transmits locations through a satellite terminal using satellite antennas either mounted on the individual Soldier or on their host vehicle. This allows the entire system to monitor the location and progress of friendly forces. This information is consolidated, and updated at a Tactical Operations Center (TOC) then transmitted out to user stations in the field. The BFT system is invaluable in the reduction of friendly fire incidents.

The BFT can be used for route planning, becoming the map and compass for motorized units. The user inputs grid coordinates for check points, and turns along their intended route. This allows the BFT to warn the vehicle crew of upcoming changes in direction or their objective. The system also allows users to input or update operational graphics (i.e. objectives, obstacles, the location of mine fields, bridges that are damaged, etc.)

The Blue Force Tracker is used by Soldiers to track the locations of other Soldiers, objectives, cardinal directions, and information vital to success in combat. A Soldier can adjust the viewing distance of the map by rolling the mouse wheel. Icons on the BFT will inform players of important information.

BFT Icons



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