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Communications Commands

Also found in the Main User Interface (UI) of the game under the menu Settings\Controls\Communication.

Action/Command Key 1
Voice Chat V
Team Text Chat T
Global Text Chat Y
Report Your Location U
Call For Medic M
Mark Rally Point (Leader) P
Enemy Spotted Z

Communications Radial Menu

This menu provides players with the ability to communicate with one another without Text Chat or VoIP.
The following options are available by HOLDING Z:

Commo Leader Commo
"Affirmative" "Move Out"
"Negative" "Fall Back"
"Thank You" (Home) "Hold Position"
"Sorry" (End) "Check your Assignments"
"Hooah" (NumPad 5) "Spread Out"
"Follow Me" "Form Up"
"Go, Go, Go" "Great Job"
"Stop" "Complete the Objective"
"Sniper" "Complete Objective Whiskey"
"Watch your Fire" "Complete Objective X-Ray"
"Good Job" "Complete Objective Yankee"
"Cover Me" "Complete Objective Zulu"
"Request Support"
"Request Door Breach"
"Request Report In"
"Request Suppressive Fire"
"Stun 'em"
"Smoke 'em"
"Frag 'em"
"Secure the Area"
"Southwest" (NumPad 1)
"South" (NumPad 2)
"Southeast" (NumPad 3)
"West" (NumPad 4)
"East" (NumPad 6)
"Northwest" (NumPad 7)
"North" (NumPad 8)
"Northeast" (NumPad 9)

Text Chat

While the chat box provides information about events in the game, it also allows players to communicate. In the upper left corner of the screen in-game chat is available for player communication. Players have two options for communicating through text chat: Say and TeamSay. Say is used to communicate with all the players in the game. To access Say, a player presses “Y” to open the console and type a message. When the player has completed typing the message, he or she presses “Enter” to send it. TeamSay is used to send messages to their team only. To access TeamSay, press “T” to open the console, type a message, then hit “Enter” to send it.

Voice Chat

Communicating in-game exclusively through UI text-chat can be inefficient and risky for a player’s virtual survival. VoIP can help overcome these teamwork barriers, promoting more spontaneous ad-hoc teamwork. Voice over IP or 'voice chat' is an important team communication feature that enhances teamwork and immersion. America’s Army 3 has integrated TeamSpeak 3 to allow players to communicate more effectively in game. Press “V” to use voice chat and speak to another player. You will need headphones and a microphone to take advantage of this feature.

Server Settings
Setting Result
No VoIP Voice chat is not used on this server
Team Chat Players can only talk to their team members
All Chat Players can talk to everyone

Muting Features
  • Players can mute specific players through the scoreboard, role select or battle planning screens.
  • Click on the Speaker icon to mute a player. (See image below.)
  • Players muted are kept in a global 'mute list' for that specific player account.
HUD Notifications

There are several icons in the Heads Up Display (HUD) that indicate a player's VoIP status.


The icons in the image above are used in the Role Selection and Battle Planning screens that appear before and between matches.


The image above shows the lower left corner of the screen during gameplay. Players using VoIP are identified in the white text above the Blue Force Tracker (BFT).

Parental Controls

Parents can turn off VoIP through the parental controls screen in the Main User Interface under the menu Settings\Parental.


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