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Start up the game once installation is complete.
You will be brought to the account login screen.

Login Screen
Login Screen
In the upper right hand corner of this screen you will find the current version number of America's Army and four options:

  • Play Now!
  • Help
  • New Account
  • Exit

If you already have an America's Army player account, enter your username and password in the fields provided. For help on creating an account please see the Player Account Setup section.

Play Now!

Explore the Army (Instant Action)
If you are new to America's Army or just want to have a quick play session press Play Now! and jump into one of our most popular levels. (No Player Account Required)


Get Help From our Support Page
If you need help with America's Army, press the help button to view the support options available on the America's Army Web Site.

New Account

Create a New Account
If you would like to create a player account for America's Army, press the NEW ACCOUNT button to minimize the game and visit the America's Army Web Site. (For help on creating a player account please visit the Player Account Setup section of this site to learn more.)

Main Menu

Upon successful login with your username and password, click on the Main Menu button (See Screen Shots Below) and then click the settings option on the left to proceed with setting up the game.

Video Settings

Video: You can adjust the screen resolution, texture detail, decal, shadow, and other performance intensive/enhancing settings through this menu.

Audio Settings

Audio: The audio section allows you to adjust main menu, and in-game sound options.


Controls: The controls section allows you to customize in-game controls such as keybinds, mouse sensitivity, and allow use of other interfaces such as joystick. For further details on configuring in-game controls see the In-Game Controls section.

Misc Game Settings

Misc Game: The miscellaneous game settings will allow you to adjust in-game actions and connection settings.

Heads Up Display Settings

Heads Up Display: The Heads Up Display (HUD) allows you to customize your HUD layout. The functions of each HUD element are discussed in Heads-Up Display (HUD)

Parental Controls Settings

Parental Controls: This option allows parents to filter out features of the game which they deem unsuitable for their children. Blood effects, Advanced Marksman, language filters and lockout are available and can be password protected.


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