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The mission of the infantry is to close with the enemy by means of fire and maneuver to defeat or capture him, or to repel his assault by fire, close combat, and counterattack. In America’s Army, you begin your career as a Soldier in a standard infantry squad. A U.S. Army infantry squad consists of 9-13 Soldiers led by a staff sergeant. Each squad is composed of 2 or more fire teams. Each fire team consists of four men, led by a sergeant. A fire team is comprised of 2 riflemen, one being the team leader, a grenadier, and an automatic rifleman. Sometimes a squad can be enhanced with advanced marksmen depending on the mission requirements.

Player Ranks

Squad Leader
The squad leader holds a rank of Staff Sergeant. Staff Sergeants are armed with either an M16A2, or M4A1. They are equipped with binoculars as well as an assortment of grenades. Grenade load outs will vary based on mission requirements, and rules of engagement. As a squad leader they direct fire team movements, therefore must know where their team leaders are located at all times. The SAI will always show the location of the squad leader.


Fire Team Leader
The fire team leader holds a rank of Sergeant. Sergeants command one of the 4-man fire teams in each squad. A team leader is armed with either an M16A2 or M4A1. They are provided binoculars and can see where their team members are via the SAI.


Other members of the squad have a rank of private. They can be riflemen, automatic riflemen or grenadiers. Depending on their class, they will have different weapons.


Automatic Rifleman
The automatic rifleman (AR) is wields the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW). This Soldier provides high volumes of fire due, however at the cost of weight. An AR can play a support role by deploying the bipod on the SAW to improve the weapon’s accuracy. Automatic riflemen are designated as AR on the class selection menu.


The grenadier is a basic rifleman with the added ability to launch grenades. A grenadier is armed with the M203, which is an M16A2 with a mounted M203 grenade launcher. The M203 can fire 40mm high explosive projectiles, which have an effective kill radius of about 5-meters. The grenadier class is abbreviated as the letter “G” on the class selection screen.


The rifleman is the basic component of an infantry squad. They are armed with either an M16A2 or M4A1. They tend to be equipped with more grenades (e.g.: fragmentation, smoke, stun) compared to their counterparts since they carry less equipment than their counterparts. Their abbreviation is “R” on the class selection menu.


Advanced Marksman
The Advanced Marksman is issued a highly accurate rifle. They are the squad’s designated marksman and therefore are used to provide accurate long-range rifle fire with either the M24 SWS or M82A1 rifles. Due to the nature of their mission, they have also been issued the M9 Beretta Pistol. Advanced Marksman is designated as “S” on the class selection menu. Note: You MUST complete Advanced Marksmanship School to select this class.

Army Enlisted Rank Structure

  • Sergeant Major (E-9)
  • First Sergeant (E-8)
  • Master Sergeant (E-8)
  • Sergeant First Class (E-7)
  • Staff Sergeant (E-6)
  • Sergeant (E-5)
  • Corporal (E-4)
  • Specialist (E-4)
  • Private First Class (E-3)
  • Private (E-2)


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