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11-B Infantry Military Occupational Specialty (MOS)

After graduating from Basic Combat Training (BCT) as a 11-B Infantryman you can pursue a career to refine your skills in your chosen specialty, or to broaden your skills through other specialties and secondary MOSs. Other specialties will unlock additional equipment that you will be able to deploy in online game-play. A secondary MOS opens entirely different skill sets to you and your Fire Team, shifting the odds in your team's favor by employing other Army disciplines or assets to the battlefield. A secondary MOS will usually cost more advancement points than 11-B specialty training but offers a wider career path.


Tier 1 MOS Unlocks

Advanced Rifleman

Cost: 25 points
Unlock: M4A1 MWS
The M4A1 Modular Weapons System (MWS) is a short barrel variant of the M16A4. This rifle offers both semi and fully automatic fire modes. It is best suited to Close Quarters Battle (CQB).

Automatic Rifleman

Cost: 25 points
Unlock: Softbag Ammo
The 100 round softbag is a lighter, smaller, and quieter counterpart to the large 200 round box for the M249. The softbag provides greater control of the weapon at the sacrifice of fire duration. Due to the limited ammunition, it often does not include tracer rounds.


Cost: 25 points
Unlock: M714 Smoke Rounds
The M714 40mm smoke round is a low velocity, ground marker that can be launched much farther than its hand grenade counterparts can be thrown. Most commonly used for obscuration and signaling, the rounds provide the Fire Team greater flexibility of movement and communication.

Squad Designated Marksman (SDM)

Cost: 25 points
Unlock: ACOG 4X Optic
The ACOG RCO 4X magnification optic, combined with the M16 Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) allows the SDM to control the 300 to 1000 meter no man zone. This optic uses a fiber-optic intake across the top to provide a red-dot reticle.

Tier 2 MOS Unlocks

Coming Soon


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