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Interface Type

Standard: The standard radial menu system requires players to click to select items. The player will navigate to each blade and select to move to the next level of the menu.

Gesture: The gesture radial menu system allows players to highlight the item they wish to select, then release the button to activate it. A player who masters the movement required to select the item, can press the appropriate key and gesture in the direction to select the menu option.

Menu Types

Four Blade Menu

Four Blade Menu
Four Blade Menu
Eight Blade Menu
Eight Blade Menu

Radial Menus

There are a number of radial menus available in America's Army 3. Each provides access to equipment and a means to communicate with other Soldiers.

Communications Menu

Keyboard Commands

  • Tap Z to use the Enemy Spotted command
  • Press and hold Z to access this radial menu.


Weapon Menu

  • Press and hold "F" to access this menu.


Grenade Menu

  • Tap "G" to equip an M67 Fragmentation Grenade.
  • Press and hold "G" to access this menu.



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