Wounds and Incapacitation

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Wounds In America's Army 3

The damage model in America's Army 3 attempts to be as realistic as possible. Damage will effect player performance based on hit location and damage level. If a player takes enough damage or blood loss, they will become incapacitated. While wounds can impact a Soldier's performance, they also have body armor which can protect them from damage.

HUD Wound Notifications

Damage Silhouette

The damage silhouette provides players detailed knowledge of their current wounds. The damage model is broken down into the following locations:

Anatomical Damage Silhouette
Anatomical Damage Silhouette

  • Head
  • Chest
  • Pelvis
  • Left Upper Arm
  • Right Upper Arm
  • Left Lower Arm
  • Right Lower Arm
  • Left Hand
  • Right Hand
  • Left Upper Leg
  • Right Upper Leg
  • Left Lower Leg
  • Right Lower Leg
  • Left Foot
  • Right Foot

Health Bar

The health bar provides an indication of the player's current condition. The health bar includes an incapacitation line. When the player's health bar reaches the incapacitation line, the player will fall unconscious. When the players health bar is empty, the Soldier expires.

In addition to your health decreasing, there are other indicators of your current health status. The color of your health bar will change color as you suffer more wounds.

  • Green - Health
  • Yellow - Wounded
  • Red - Critical

Blood Loss

After being wounded, some wounds will cause initial damage. Soldiers will then suffer from blood loss, and lose health over time. Potential blood loss will appear as hash marks on the health bar. This represents the total amount of health that will be lost if medical treatment does not occur quickly.

Health Meter
Health Meter
Health Bar: Incapacitated Player
Health Bar: Incapacitated Player
Health Bar: Blood Loss
Health Bar: Blood Loss

Body Armor

All Soldiers wear body armor. Body armor is represented on the damage silhouette by a gray, filled area. When that area changes from gray to black, a Soldier's body armor has failed. Body armor can take three hits from a 5.56mm round before failing. Act accordingly when your body armor is compromised.

Effects of Wounds

When you are wounded, you will be slowed and lose accuracy. Where you are wounded affects your performance. Wounds to the arms and hands lower your accuracy in addition to your wound level, while wounds to your legs and feet cause additional movement penalties. Hits to the head are instantly fatal. Wounds to your pelvic region are fatal due to blood loss if not treated quickly.

The Effects of CLS Treatments on Wounds

When a friendly Soldier performs CLS treatments on a wounded Soldier, any movement or accuracy effects from the wounds are removed, but basic conditions from overall status still apply. If a Soldier is suffering from blood loss, application of CLS treatments will stop that blood loss.


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